Please intercede st Jude for my sister who is disabled . Her carers were taken away because of Cov19 I guess to help others who are even in more need. However my sister is struggling even to walk and dress. She was to get a new leg brace but that’s all on hold. Her adult son happened to come back home just before all this started. A blessing because he can shop for her as I had Bern doing her online shopping but it’s almost impossible to get a delivery now. However he has had a history of depression and she confided that hes going through that now. Hes on anti depressants but still is not feeling better and stays in his room a lot. It’s a lot for my sister to deal with. Its really months since shes been able to get out. I feel very helpless. Please pray for them. May God bless everyone who is praying in this prayer circle. Please Lord bring an end to this virus. Amen.