Thank you st Jude for helping me through my recovery from my serious ankle injury 18 months ago. Its been difficult and I’d come to think that the pain and difficulty in bearing my weight and walking normally would stay with me for good and I was struggling very much with being downheartef about this. I’ve praying to you about every day throughout my recovery. Aboyr 3 weeks ago I started to be able to walk much better and the pain began to decrease. I’m just back from a walk in the fields with my dog. I’m walking without pain . Theres a slight vulnerability in the ankle sure, but to all intents and purposes am walking normally again. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. It’s as if I’ve been given a huge gift. I’m so happy about it. Thank you. I’d like to ask for your help for julie who is possibly going to lose her eyesight and her husband Graham who is suffering an illness which needs surgery but because of the present situation in the world they have been put on hold. May I ask you also to please help me to cut my dogs nails which I find very very difficult. Usually the vet does it for me but of course they are only taking emergencies just now. I’m worried the jew claw digs into her paw as it curls round. Thank you so much. I pray for everyone here. Amen