Barbara Thomas

St Jude I come to you first of all to thank u for all u do and always listening to our prayers. I need prayers for my loving husband as he has been diagnosed with third stage colon cancer and yesterday the found fluid around his lungs and heart. Doctors are worried it could be a number of things, but he is mainly concerned and we hope its not cancer as well. Please pray the fluid is removed and benign. My hubby needs God and all healing angels to touch him from head to toe. I come to you because I know you are an amazing healer. Guide all medical staff in right direction to help hubby overcome this. Please give us the family strength and comfort in our hearts to be able to help and lead Patrick Thomas into a speedy recovery. Lay those healing hands on his body and destroy cancer cells so that its a very painless procedure. Thank you St. Jude for being a huge part of our lives.
Amen and Blessed be thy God!