Baby Grandson

Dear blessed St Jude please protect bless my new born grandson who is suffering from fluctuating sugar levels, jaundice and now doctors going to do some kind of surgery to him I don’t know for what ..
.Please please please take control of the situation my dear Lord , dear At Jude please intercede to Jesus Christ our Lord and saviour to protect the little one and to cure him of all health problems please.and let the surgery be successful and the baby be safe and healthy.
Please calm my poor kind nurse daughter in these tough times..
Please let your mighty power remove all obstacles in front of the little one and he be saved with no other problems.
Please send your powerful miracles to cure this problem urgently my dear St Jude.. Please I plead with you for the baby’s safety and wellbeing.
They are poor and have nothing but their live which keeps them together. .Please give her son safely back in her arms without any problems.lord.
She has already lost one baby before this one. Please help urgently Lord.
Thank you for all your favours to her given over the years my dear St Jude .forever grateful to you . Amen