Dear st Jude I’m asking you to intercede for my beautiful grandson J who is 22yrs old and is planning to join the freemasons. He thinks it will set him on a good path of personal improvement . My pointers against it just sound completely out of touch to him as if it’s just catholic prejudice. He is a lovely person. He was baptised into the catholic faith but his mum didnt bring him up in the faith. I did my best to give good spiritual input and example. We are very close . I think he said he’s also looking for good male role models as his dad didnt stay with his mum. I believe his reasons are good and honest but I know it’s the wrong path. I would appreciate prayers for him and for myself that I do not go downwards with worry but instead , trust Our Blessed Lady and leave it all in God’s hands. For my part I will keep up the prayers. Please bless everyone on this prayer site st. Jude and thank you for your intercession. St. Monica pray for him. Amen