Dear blessed St Jude please protect my nurse daughter and her 2nd pregnancy.
She has had gestational diabetes last pregnancy and is pre diabetic along with other health problems.
She has very little money also.
Please let her be able to come and live near my home somehow lord so that we both can help each other.
She is attending a job interview today to a hospital near my home . Please let her be able to get the job and let she pass the will get her promotion ..more money and close to me .
Please I beg today for your help and please send your powerful miracles to protect her and help her in the interview to pass .
Please give her good health and let her have confidence and happiness and let her start loving her mother and sister.
Please do not let her husband be nasty or harsh or manipulative to her.
Please let her mother in law be able to come to this country and help her in her pregnancy ..I have a husband with Cancer to take care of.
Thank you my dear St Jude for all the favours to her and family…amen