Dear blessed St Jude please intercede to Jesus Christ our saviour and Lord to somehow make the pass the OSCE exam which was taken today .The result will be given probably by coming weekTuesday.
My daughter says everything was a haze and she cannot even remember what she has done for the exam. She was that frightened.
She feels she has made mistakes.
Now everything in god’s hand.
She is very depressed ; down and out.
They charge huge amounts from these poorest of the poor for the exam .
She is worried about money , her future, among other negative things.
please remove her anxiety and calm her and let her be alright eat and sleep well.
Dear lord we all (her nurse husband n baby)are depending on her passing this exam .I am also depending on her passing because of vrry little finance.
please help us all dear lord .
please let the marking persons mark her liberal enough to make her pass ..somehow..please let them take into consideration that she has had zero experience in the Ward from which all the questions were asked not a single question from the Operation Theatre. After studies even her internship was as an Operation Theatre nurse.
So all of 10 years experience in the Operation Theatre only.
By the time she came into this new country coronavirus had started so training to treat only corona was given.
Dear St Jude please shower your miracles on her as always you have had in the past..
Thank you for that i have never forgotten that.
eternally grateful. we are from a native poor country..poorly paid nurses..we face poverty back home..
please let my daughter pass ..please help dear lord please..thank you..desperate mom