Dear blessed St Jude please give my younger daughter some peace of mind and calm her mind.
please let her stop her blaming me for her miserable past.and please let her forget and move on dear lord.
she is so abusive to me saying i have ruined her and her sisters life when the truth is i have single handedly worked and taken care of them .as a single mother with limited finance.
I am so crushed by these accusations.
please dear St Jude let a good man come into her life and just marry and look after her. I am so fed up. Have mercy on me please please I beg you..
please let her believe in god and the power of prayers dear lord please send her miracles to change her hardened mind please please.
Guide the unfortunate younger and elder daughter of mine .in the right path guided by per your wish.
i have no one but you n my prayers to you
please help them through their very challenging tough jobs and all their problems melt away by your blessings.
let my children have faith and belief in prayers and dear lord please intercede to Jesus Christ our saviour and Lord to give them peace of mind and strength and good health .and let them both forgive me if i have hurt them in anyway..
Thank you St Jude .for all the blessings