Dear blessed St Jude, please protect and guide my younger daughter who is now all alone once again – the married man who was with her for the past 6 months has left now and the affair is over is what I heard from sources close to the man.
Please give strength physical and mental to my daughter to go through life .
please send your powerful miracles to save her lord .
Please send her soul mate to her lord to love, marry and have family .
please let her get back her faith in God and in the power of prayers please lord.
Please let her search for God’s love and find it asap lord .
Please let her not go back to her old ways of evil habits please lord –
let her stop smoking and drinking or if she has given up let her not start again lord.
please forgive my daughter (and family) for anything wrong done to others knowingly or unknowingly lord –
please let her not do anything foolish to spite the man who left her abruptly.
ONLY you can save the girl lord – please send her the right man her soul mate . She has reached the biological age to have to have children . She will loose her chance to have family if not now lord – Please let your wish for her happen lord. Please reunite our family somehow lord – please let her get a job in this country where i am living or let her find her life soul partner in this country where i am living please let all happen as per your wish lord.
Please come to her help urgently lord – I am deeply distressed lord – please help – Thank you my dear St Jude for all your favours to me and my family – amen