Dear blessed St Jude,
The MRI report for my neck and ears says all is fine – Thank you my dear St Jude and all at the shrine for your prayers.
I am so relieved- I can sleep now .

I thank you lord for giving me some peace of mind regarding my second daughter. At least she is with a man who is taking care of her.
Please let him give back her trust and belief in God and in the power of prayersand to follow the lords path. She had lost it all when life became miserable and hopeless.
Please bless them and help them lord .
Please stop all her enemies in the apartment complex and outside from harming her.
Please let her get a good job and know how to live well and take care of herself and stop her drinking and smoking habits and all other addictive habits if any .
Please stop all her evil friends from contacting her and let her lead a pious and spiritualy aware life –

Please let the breathing problem of the new born baby of my first daughter get cured somehow lord.
Please let my daughter stop eating wrong food and let her stop her addiction to food and get back her health.
Please let them all have a safe journey to the native country next week lord
Please protect my poor advanced cancer patient husband from all the side effects of radiotherapy he had which is continuing with disturbed sleep every 2 hours and bladder issues and swelling of ankles and feet and memory loss .
Please let my nurse daughter and her husband and family help us by getting job near our home and renting house near us please lord
please protect all of us from coronavirus and all other health problems my dear St Jude -amen