Dear blessed St Jude,please intercede to Jesus Christ our lord and saviour to bless and protect the new born baby boy who is struggling to breathe in their mould and damp filled apartment. the baby is losing all his hair and struggling to breathe and the doctors are no good.
the baby looks very inactive to me and dull also – please let the baby be normal lord with no problems- i am very worried for the baby and the parents are too busy with all other things happening and another elder child to take care of . please let the landlord oblige them and come and repair the damp and mould -all of them are falling sick ; they have no money to move to a better accomodation lord – please let them come to our side of the country where they will get more salary and we will be able to help them also and they can also help us in our old age when my husband has advanced cancer and me with glaucoma, knee arthritis among other things.
Please let her stop fighting with me and let her mother in law and her husband stop keeping her away from me

please guide my nurse daughter and her husband on how to come to live near my home . for that they will have to get job first in hospital near our home and then their visa has to be changed from under the current trust to the new trust hospital near us – and then the school of her child has to be changed – all that is big mountain for them to achieve because of language issues and with a new baby arrival and only one person working they are struggling in every way – their apartment is mould filled leaky and is a health hazard for the kids and for my daughter- if they complain to the landlord he may throw them out. there is no one to help them. please send your powerful miracles so that they have the courage and the will power to come to my side of the country and live close to us because i can hardly walk because of knee issues and my husband i.e. her step dad is an advanced cancer patient.
Please we need their help urgently with both of us also glaucoma patients and have no car and our sweet neighbour sold their house and left no one to help us here in this area. We are really struggling to go for hospital appointments and shopping with our health issues and so please please make them realise they have to help us and come and help us both of them being nurses her husband being a carer for geriatric people in hospital.
Please send your powerful miracles so that both families join up and be of help to each other.
Thank you my dear St Jude for all your favours to them over the years – amen