Please let my daughter realise her mistake and get out of her current relationship with a married man with 2 children .( the man wanted divorce from his wife years earlier and she refused and still living under same roof for children sake is what i heard. She will never give him divorce. My daughter met him only recently after their mutual break up within the marriage happened)
Whatever it is his status remains as a married man and father.
Please i do not want my daughter inside this mess. And also they are a dangerous family. My daughter life is at risk i feel.
Please let her somehow realise her mistake and get out of relationship at once.
Please send your powerful miracles to save her and give her mental and physical strength to get out and move on ..Please let her meet a single man like her and lead a decent life and not a shameful one.
Please let her come and join me in this country where I am living to study or by marriage Lord .
Please help urgently Lord.
Thank you for all your favours to her given over the years my dear St Jude .