Dear blessed St Jude please protect bless and guide my naive, impulsive, idiotic daughter.
Please let her have a job.and not end up holed in the apartment where no one wants her back ..stop the people in my apartment complex from doing anything against her or harm her with your mighty power Lord.
Please stop her smoking habit at once lord.
Please Please send your powerful miracles to find her her soul mate .ONLY you my dear St Jude can do this for her . Please let it happen.
Please protect her and let all her evil friends leave her and go away never to come back
Please let her come to this country where I am living to study or through marriage..if that is your wish for her lord ..please let it happen if its for her good and will save her from destruction.
Please come urgently to her help my dear St Jude..
Give her hope and a second chance to live find her soul mate, get back her faith in God and in the power of prayers .
This is my plea to you please hear my prayer lord .
Thank you for all your favours to her ..amen