Blessed St Jude, thank you for all the favours to my second daughter.
I am pleading with you today to send a good man to her, to change her way of life, bring back faith, prayer, love of god in her life-please take control of her lord and change her into your path and not her destructive path please – i am so helpless not being with her and cannot travel my husband with cancer and treatment, please urgently come to my and her help lord – nothing is progressing in her life as far as i can see – she has cut me off except when there is some need of money.
please send urgently your powerful miracles to our help- please resolve the fight between the sisters and let them talk please.
please let the family come together and unite please – all my struggle has not been appreciated because of the father coming in between taking credit for nothing and nobody ever say anything good about me or of my sacrifices of my youth my time my money for my children. i feel so low-
– please urgently come to my help regarding this second child of mine who is in mind torturing me of what is happening to her – she is all alone in my native country with no immediate family with her with me and her sister abroad. please let her unite with us or please let her find a good man and love, marry and have a family of her own.
please she deserves it after the trauma of coming from a broken family with no money, horrible boyfriend, and please let her forget her miserable past and start a new life with a good man please . let her friends not control her and please surround her with good people who will influence her in good deeds, prayers and spirituality and make her realise its God’s love that is eternal and unconditional and please let her start believing that ..
I pray for all in this circle and beyond
Thank you St Jude -amen