Dear blessed St Jude, please protect my first daughter who is having a high risk pregnancy and is due on the 9th of December .
I leave her in your hands lord to protect her and the foetus for a safe delivery, She has no one who understands her needs lord – i am so far away so helpless i feel –
i feel like the most worthless person in this world for my family – with my limited finance – incapable of doing anything for my children –
other than few small things and not big changes to bring us all together.
Anyway I leave everything to you and let you be in charge of our lives .
please let my daughter’s sugar levels remain normal and not fluctuate –
please let her be healthy and fit and chest and breathing be clear to have general or local anesthesia for her C section delivery
please let her mother in law , daughter and husband and all be protected from coronavirus and all other health problems .
Please watch over her lord all the time now , delivery day and beyond
please let the bloating of stomach of the foetus go away and let the growth and measurments all be normal lord .
please protect my poor daughter -send your powerful miracles to keep her calm and safe and all things good with no obstacles –
Thank you for all your favours to her my dear St Jude – always grateful to you – amen