Thank you my dear St Jude for all the favours to me and my family given over the years .
I pray to you today to keep my younger daughter who is rash, naive, innocent, all alone, coming from a broken family heavily scarred bitter , dumped mercilessly by boyfriend who got married to another — she deserves lord more than anyone a second chance a good man in her life, a soul mate, who will love her and vice-verca to marry to have family which she never had and have a successful life ahead and not to be a laughing stock of the people – please lord please save my daughter from all those evil friends and bad addictive habits –ONLY you can save her lord by sending the right man suited for her to believe in life again to believe in god and in prayers again.
Please stop lord the horrible men in my native country apartment complex association from attacking my daughter when she comes there or otherwise .
Please stop the caretaker and the secretary who is also my neighbour of the apartment from spreading lies about her to everyone spoiling her name. They never show any mercy to the downtrodden and unlucky ones-ruthless greedy bunch -The secretary wants to buy my apartment and is putting pressure on me to sell . please stop them lord with your mighty power – I have only you to help me my dear St Jude. Please let my daughter get good accommodation with good trustworthy people and let her start saving money and have a plan for the future.
Thank you St Jude for everything given to my daughter – please show her the right path always –
My prayers to all in this circle to find solutions to their problems — amen