Dear blessed St Jude, please guide, protect the high risk pregnancy of my nurse daughter who is in severe depression.
She cannot stop eating all the wrong things inspite of given specific food to eat from hospital because of gestation diabetes. Please I plead with you my dear St Jude to somehow make my daughter stop eating wrong food which increases her insulin and puts her pregnancy and herself at high risk.

Her husband and his mother all of them do not believe in healthy diet -they are ignorant. I am helpless. all healthy food is expensive also.
Please dear St Jude you have always come to her help over the years and i am so grateful always.
The main panic fear and depression has come after the last scan of the foetus which showed the foetus stomach bloated and leg measurment small which has panicked all of us.

Please let everything be alright with your mighty power let the foetus have normal growth and please give peace of mind for my daughter who is so hardworking and good person.
Please let her husband’s trip to native country to bring his mother to this country to take care of my daughter and post pregnancy time be successful and let his mother be healthy and able to cope with this country’s extream weather .

Please let her stop fighting with me, her sister and be relaxed and take things as it comes lord.
Please show her the right path and to find solace in her prayers and be strong mentally and physically – please give her some hope lord to live – she is crushed and scared and her husband just adds to her agony not understanding her fears and making her more nervous.
Half of their salary is going in the house rent and they have very little money to survive in this expensive country . Please urgently send your powerful miracles to protect her foetus and the mother from all harm through out delivery and beyond.

Please wrap your arms around her my dear St Jude and comfort the poor girl who has a golden heart whatever her problems are let it all go away and all her obstacles move away and let her have happiness in her life.
Thank you my dear St Jude for all the favours to her and family – ever grateful to you -amen