Dear blessed St Jude, please intercede to Jesus Christ our lord and saviour to come to my help urgently to cure my middle ear infection which i have been suffering since being covid positive in june july and different doctors giving diagnosis as Tinnitus, Eustachian tube dysfunction etc and has reffered finally to an ENT who said to take an MRI scan which i am waiting in a big que. I have no medical insurance and have to see an ENT privately to get proper diagnosis early and an MRI scan early which is so expensive.
please send your powerful miracles to cure my tapping noise and let the water collection if any in the ear drain away quickly my lord with your mighty power.
please let my heart palpitation and first degree AV block go away my lord.
please let my glaucoma be under control and the eye pressure be normal with the current medications.
I am very very anxious with my husband’s (who is an advanced cancer patient) radiotherapy coming up .
Please do not let him suffer in anyway lord – he is already getting so effected by the powerful treatments and medicines he is taking. Please calm him and let his anxiety go away. please give us both mental and physical strength to cope with all our health problems.
We have no car and dont know how to get around in a bus or public transport after the radiotherapy which can bring terrible painful side effects.
please let there be the right decisions and show us the right path, the doctors to choose and if going to my native country where treatment is cheap and old age life is better than this country.
Lord i plead with you today to come to our help . I thank you for all the help given to me and my family – amen