Blessed St Jude, please give courage and strength to my younger daughter who is in trouble because she did not report to her office about her leave of absence when she fell ill 2 days back and now her supervisor has acted against her and is troubling her and she wants to resign – I am at a loss my lord – please urgently come to her help and show her the right path your path lord and let her see reality and keep aside her ego and be humble and accepting .please show her the right thing to say and do and let her not do anymore expensive mistakes. please let her come to this country where her family is either to study the right course, get visa or get married to someone in this country whichever is best suited for her as per your wish lord.
Please let her father be able to go to the native country and arrange and get student visa and bring her to this country and also a student loan somehow i do not know lord but please send your powerful miracles to let the right thing happen as per your wish – i am staggering with the weight around my neck increasing .
please protect her from all her enemies in the office and outside hidden and visible .
Please let them forgive her for not informing her leave of absence .
please let everything be in friendly way not agressive and crushing for my daughter lord . Please let her have the mental and physical strength to study her english language test for the masters course she will be studying Let her father be able to go to her help please .
Thank you for all your help and favours to her -ever grateful – My prayers to all in the circle and outside – amen