Dear blessed St Jude, please I plead with you today to make my younger daughter go see a doctor or even consult an online doctor to get some antibiotics for her throat infection and fever and please please let it not be coronavirus infection . please protect her from coronavirus and all other health issues she is in the native country with no family with her and also in a big crowded city . please urgently come to her help and please resolve the problems she has with me for driving away her college love and now she is lost – please please let her find her soul mate and find some happiness in her life after suffering from childhood coming from a broken up family with limited finances and with both parents married and gone from her life and she is all alone in the native country -please come to help her urgently to give confidence mentally and physically – me her mother has not seen her for 3 yrs almost now it is unbearable pain and causing me health issues – I am having heart palpitations and something else in my new check up my dear St Jude. Please urgently bring a solution to the misunderstandings and fights between her, me and her sister .
Please we are sending money to her to see doctor please let her listen to my advice see a doctor and get antibiotics.
please bless her lord and remove her false ego and make her see the reality of her situation, how vulnerable she is financially and her life empty of goals and plans just drifting -keeping away from family and giving friends full control of her life , making expensive mistakes and not listening to our advice – please come to our help we are desperate lord – please let her find a good man her soul mate who loves her, marry her and give her a life – please give her a chance to live lord. please let her bitterness go away -and please let her getback her faith in god and in the power of prayers.
Thank you my dear St Jude for all the favours and blessings given to my daughter and thank you for protecting her always -i am eternally grateful to you – amen