Blessed St Jude please protect bless and guide my cancer patient husband and me from corona virus and all other health problems .
Please urgently come to my help to cure my middle ear infection and tapping in the ear problemTinnitus and or Eustachian tube dysfunction with some liquid collection near the ear.
Please let my homeo medicine work quickly and clear the ear problem lord.
Please send your powerful miracles to cure this problem urgently so that I can focus on the next treatment of radiation for his cancer.
Please let me get a good ENT doctor tomorrow for my appointment and let his diagnosis be correct and please let me get the free tests and scans from the government .
We have no money for private tests MRI and other tests ..
I have no private insurance.
Please bless us , our homes and my children dear St Jude.
Thank you for all your favours to me and family dear Lord ..Please let me win a lottery for all of us ..
Thank you all at the shrine for your prayers ..Thank you St Jude for all your favours to me and family ..Please give solutions to all in this circle and others too my Lord .