Please urgently come to my help dear St Jude to cure my midde ear infection and a peculiar fast tapping noise in my right ear only – one doctor said its Tinnitus and other says its Eustachian tube dysfunction and some liquid trapped inside ear – please send your powerful miracles to help me in this matter to guide me to the right doctor and the right treatment please so that i do not end up wasting any money because i have no health insurance and is paying from my poor husband’s savings. Please i plead with you to let this sound and ear infection be nothing serious and easily curable with medicine and not expensive MRI’s , other tests and scans which will drain us .
Please guide me to the right treatment path and let there be no mistakes lord .
please also let my glaucoma be under control n the pressure in both eyes be normal lord
My husband 75yrs is an advanced cancer patient and he just had a hernia surgery. please do not let his cancer spread any further and let it remain under control -the radiation treatment is going to start soon and i pray for his safety.
please let our anxiety and stress go away and let us both be able to relax and be able to cope with this exteremely trying times – i am his only carer so please cure me lord i will be ever grateful to you – I thank you for all the favours given to me and my family .amen