Please pray that my daughter’s second pregnancy which is termed by her doctor as high risk because of gestational diabetes and now after a scan last week the foetus stomach is bloated and legs small in measurement which has stressed us all and its frightening . she tried for another scan but lost money and got declined too for some reason .
she is new to this country and is living in the wrong part of the country –
please let the growth of her foetus now 7 months be normal. please let her be able to control her diet and let the next scan show all normal growth and all be fine with the foetus and mother. please let her be able to control her sugar levels and please bless her home, her hard working nurse husband and her first child and their old second hand small car which they bought. please let them have safety always -thank you for all your favours to her and family over the years – and my prayers for all in this circle and beyond –