Dear blessed St Jude , today, now my advanced cancer patient husband is undergoing a hernia surgery and I pray to you humbly to protect him and give the doctors all that is required for a successful surgery and with no post surgery complications – please let all go normal and correct dear lord and with your blessing on this kind loving man my dear husband who is my world.
please give us both the mental and physical strength to move ahead with our numerous health problems –
please let my middle ear infection and eustation tube dysfunction and the tapping noise inside my ear go away with your powerful miracles lord – please give me sanity lord – the problems are getting too much and i cannot handle anymore –
please let my younger daughter who is all alone in the native country be alright and communicate with us please – please surround her with good people and let all the bad and evil ones with evil habits disappear from her life and never come back – please protect her always lord.
please let the pregnancy of my daughter who has gestational diabetes and has complicated pregnancy and currently the scan showing the foetus stomach bloated and legs small in measurement be corrected by your blessings and miracles lord – please urgently come to our help lord
let me be able to breathe proper lord – i am having shortness of breath and severe sinus also
Thank you for all your favours to me and my family – i am ever grateful to you – amen