Blessed St Jude, please protect my daughter’s pregnancy which is into the 7th month now and a scan taken 2 days back showed the foetus stomach bloated and the legs small in size and that has got all in the family worried and we dont know what to do now -the health care in this country is fallen after corona so badly that we who do not have private insurance can do nothing because it is very expensive to do anything her privately.
please my dear St Jude, give my daughter strength physical and mental -she is a hard working kind nurse and earns just enought to survive please let her foetus have the normal growth and let all be well and good with the foetus . please let the foetus be alright with no health problems or any type of problem. please bless the family and ward off all the evil from them . please let her smile and talk to us please – she has gone into a shell now . any way thankyou my dear St Jude -always grateful to you amen