Dear St Jude thank you for all the favours given to me and my family . i am eternally grateful to you lord.
Please come to rescue the pregnancy of my nurse daughter urgently lord . her scan is showing the baby’s stomach is bloated and legs smaller which has alarmed my daughter. please let her cheer up and be happy and let the foetus be of normal growth and nothing wrong with anything .
please protect my cancer patient husband and let his cold and cough clear before his hernia surgery.
please stop the tapping noise inside my right ear lord please – i have glaucoma and to have this noise called Tinnitus is very frustrating lord -please send your powerful miracles to stop this and bring a solution to all these problems.
Please guide me to the right doctor and not waste money – i have very little money lord – please i am forced to go to private doctor and i have no insurance so need to take money and pay him- it is very difficult time lord.
please come to help my younger daughter to find a new nice place to live with reasonable rate- and please let her come and join me if that is your wish for her lord- please let her find her soul mate live or eplease let us all stop fighting and live united as one family lord.
please help lord -all in our family is suffering one way or another- please come to our help – please give us all good health and money .
Thank you St Jude for all the help and favours to me and and family – amen