Dear St Jude thank you for all the favours to my second daughter .
She is in the native country and is in trouble now because she and another idiotic friend of hers together rented an apartment without getting an agreement from the landlord after paying 1 year deposit now he is asking them to vacate and more money for painting the apartment.
Please lord she is all alone in a big city with none of her family members there with her and i am in another country and cannot travel due to bad health of my husband . please send help to her lord and give her the solutions to sort out this problem amicabily with the landlord because all real estate people are just very bad cunning people and my daughter is naive and idiotic and its the first time renting .
Please protect her lord with your powerfuf miracles – i have sent her your prayers but i dont know if she reads my emails – she is seperated from me and hardly talks to me. please let her be able to come and join us in this country if that is what you wish for her lord for her well being. or please let me and my husband be able to go to my native country and live there to take care of her also. please let her stop her smoking habit at once and let her focus on her health lord. Thank you for all your help always given to me – please give my daughter protection lord and mental and physical strength and let her understand her mistakes and correct it and learn from it . amen