Blessed St Jude, please protect my husband who has advanced cancer and also an upcoming hernia surgery which is causing him lot of pain. please let the surgery happen on time and not get cancelled because his radiation treatment has to start and it will complicate his condition. Please come to our help lord and give us mental and physical courage which we need so urgently .
Please calm my mind and my poor husband’s also – and do not let the cancer medicine effect him in any bad way during/after surgery.
Dear lord please cure my ear infection with the antibiotic spray which doctor gave me especially when my poor advanced cancer patient husband is going to have a surgery the coming week and i am his only carer.
i am struggling in every way lord – please let me be able to control my worrying habit. and find some peace of mind. please give me strength – please let my daughter who is all alone in the native country find her soul mate, and settle down and set me free from worrying about her .please let my first daughter and her family come and live and work near us to our home .
Please protect us both from coronavirus and all other health problems
please bless our homes , children from all harm evil and bad people .Thank you for all your favours to us and our family my dear St Jude -amen