Dear blessed St Jude, please let all the children be protected in their schools and let the families have no stress when all go back to school.
Please lord give me courage and confidence to go through my tough life –
my husband has cancer and now in 2 weeks a hernia surgery and i pray for him to go through it well without any danger.
He has a small pension and it will be there only as long as he is alive.
I am in turmoil because there is no one to help now with all our needs -we have no car and i am finding it very difficult to survive in this neighbourhood – most people are good but very self centred and will not go out of the way to help others. so i am a person with only needs and so its hard on me i dont know what to do lord – my own house is suffocating me with my husband being a hoarder and not giving away unwanted stuff away . I feel so depressed –
Please send me your powerful miracles to find help sources and get emotional and other help if required. My husband never plans ahead anything and he is 76yrs and need to change because of his health and i am new to this country and do not know anyone – I pray for my daughter and son in law both nurses to come and live near us and that will be enough help for us. please lord please let them change their minds and get job and rent home near me after her delivery and visa renewal.
I pray that my second daughter to be given second chance in life and she gets married to the right man or join us in this country and be with us at least.
Please let my eye pressure be normal and no surgery or change of medicine required. please let my glaucoma be under control.
please let me be able to do the weight reduction programme correctly and give me the will power and your blessing be there on our homes and children and keep us protected from coronavirus and all other health problems.
especially because of my husband’s surgery for hernia coming up in 2 weeks time.
Thank you for all the favours to us both and our family – amen