Dear blessed St Jude, please urgently intercede to Jesus Christ our lord and saviour to come to protect and guide my second daughter who is naive and idiotic and is thinking of her future or life and not communicating with me , living in the native country all alone with no family with her -friends controlling her and i have no idea what she is doing or where she is living all i know is where she is working – in a big city now – it hurts so much as a mother i was forced to leave her because of extreme situations .
Please let her be able to find her soul mate a good man who will love her genuinely always and be kind and understanding to my complicated daughter who is kind, understanding and will stick with her for life and the love will be mutual. Please let her get a secure future either by marriage or by some other means and realise her grave situation and insecure future she is facing by not cooperating with me on anything and cutting me off.
Please relieve of this huge burden i.e. this daughter i have been carrying for years now and is weary now -just cannot take it anymore my dear lord .
i am old now and need rest please let me have it please let a good man come and marry her and give her a life. only you can make this miracle happen lord please send your powerful miracles to make this happen please i plead with you
Please let her get back her lost trust and belief in god and in the power of prayers –
Thank you for all the favours given to my daughter over the years i am eternally grateful to you lord .amen