Dear blessed St Jude, please intercede urgently to Jesus Christ our lord and saviour to protect and bring relief to my 5 months pregnant nurse daughter and to her distress and discomfort and unhappiness at a time when she should be relaxed and happy.
Dear lord please show the source of her misery to me -if there is any marital problems or something else – she has gestational diabetes and her pregnancy is termed ‘high risk’ by her doctor and midwife and still she is not taking care in her eating habits and neither her husband who is cooking for her is taking care not to include food which she cannot eat – he does not care for her health that is what i have seen , he dumps all the heavy work on to her and is enjoying his life and comes from a lower educated and poor family and she is also dragged down to that level now . she is disturbed because all her money is going away in rent and other things and they cannot buy a home. and she is nearing 40 yrs and no result for her hard work.
Please give my hard working loving caring (though brainwashed against me by her father and her husband and his greedy family for her salary) daughter the mental and physical strength to go through her pregnancy .
Please lord I plead with you to give her peace of mind and let her husband behave nice to her and when its his turn to cook food let him make the right food diabetic friendly food and make changes in their home.
please let the 5 month old foetus be alright , normal weight and growth and protected by your mighty power.
Please let my daughter and family be able to come near my home , get job in hospital near my home so that we all can benefit from each other.
Please dont let her husband my son in law listen to his friends and continue to stay where they are or go elsewhere rather than come and help us in our old age- my husband is suffering from advanced cancer and i have glaucoma condition to both eyes .
Please hear my prayers and let the above happen and above all let the foetus and the mother be safe always and protected by you my dear St Jude.
Thank you for all your blessings and favours to her and family – amen