Blessed St Jude, please come to the help of my younger daughter urgently and please let her become strong and self sufficient in whatever she does lord.
Please let her be able to find her soul mate , fall in love, and have her own family and forget her miserable broken family past, all the unhelpful boyfriends who used her naivity and innocence and dumped her be of past and lord give her strength to move ahead in love and find success in job and a good man with your blessings . Only you alone can save her lord from this misery and set us all free from this sheer misery of loneliness for her and she is seperated from me in another country due to my second marriage and please let her be able to come to this country if that is what you want for her lord .
Please let all her bad evil friends disappear and please surround her with good people and please let her get back her belief in god and in the power of prayers which she lost when her parents divorced for the second time — and never got back after that and both remarried and gone from her life leaving her all alone in the native country – please forgive me lord for all the hurts i have caused for her .
I plead with you today for some solution to this problem which is going on for years now and has crushed me mentally and physically.
I thank you for all the favours given to her always by you my dear St Jude – amen