Thank you a million times my dear St Jude ! My younger daughter finally spoke to me after 4 months of not talking to me.
But she is keeping away from men and showing no interest in getting married being still effected by her college love and that affair ended with him dumping her on her birthday going away to get married to another girl blaming me for everything. That scar has never healed lord – please please let the girl forget that college affair and move on please and find her soul mate lord and fall in love ,marry and have family and secure future lord please i beg you for this to happen please send your powerful miracles to help this happen please – she needs a second chance lord so badly and i seek your forgiveness for the harm i did in the break up – please forgive me and let this guilt and burden be removed from my mind and help us all to lead a new life – please let all her obstacles go away in finding her soul mate finding her love with your mighty power my lord. Only you alone can sort this complicated matter lord please come to her and also my help urgently my dear St Jude. I thank you for everything given to my daughter – amen