Blessed St Jude please let my nurse daughter’s scan on her 5 month old baby come out with normal results and everything alright with the baby and his/her growth and all other developments. Please bless her and her baby today and always .
let everything go well for her today with your blessings lord
let her be able to control her gestational diabetes with the new diet she is on now .
Please let she get her leave from the hospital because her pregnancy is termed as ‘high risk pregnancy’ by the doctor and she has to eat food every 2 hours and being a theatre nurse its difficult for her to take break every 2 hours.
Her manager is rough on her and not giving leave
Please let the Occupation health department be kind to her condition and give her leave of absence somehow lord -please let your mighty power and miracles work for her to achieve this important leave lord for her and her baby’s safety .
Please let her and family be able to come and live to my side of the country and be of help to us in her step dad advanced cancer condition and my health issues and we can help them save money on rent among other things.
Thank you my dear St Jude for all the favours given to her always – and to her family –
Praying for all in this circle – amen