Dear blessed St Jude thank you for all the favours given to me and my family over the years -I am ever grateful to you and I thank on behalf of my family also here.
Tomorrow is my nurse daughter’s 5 th month scan of the baby which is all important to check baby health and development ( this is her 2nd pregnancy and termed ‘high risk’ by her doctor because of gestational diabetes ) please urgently come to her help and let the scan result be normal and everything diagnosed correctly in the scan without any mistakes and let the baby be in good health and please bless the mother and the baby my dear St Jude.
Please give her the courage physical and mental to go through these very tough times lord.
Please send your powerful miracles to her so that she will get the paid leave she so deserves because of her dreadful diabetic condition and for her and baby safety -every 2 hours she has to have some food to control her sugar levels and this is not possible for an operation theatre nurse and she is not given leave by her manager – please let the occupation health department understand her situation and give her the help she so deserves and the leave of absence be given to her by the OH department over ruling her unhelpful manager.
Please let her collegues understand her situation and not overload her with huge workload and leave her to clear up things which are hazardous to the baby and her inside the operation theatre . Please let your mighty power block all the negative things towards her and baby’s health from the hospital and the staff .
Please let all go well tomorrow for the scan .
Please let my daughter be able to control her sugar levels with the new diet she has started and let her be able to continue it – and please let her also join the yoga exercises especially the breathing and meditation which will calm her and her first child also join up for the yoga classes .
Please bless them all and let them be successful in whatever they do .
I pray for all in this circle for them to resolve their problems through Jesus Christ our saviour
Thank you my dear St Jude for everything given to my daughter and family – amen