Dear St Jude, I thank you always for all the favours given to me and my family .
Please come to my help this time with your powerful miracles to bring my nurse daughter and family to live and work near our home in this country so that both me and my husband (who has advanced cancer) can benefit and they can save on rent by staying with us to save money with recession looming .
Please lord and i would like my grand daughter to study in a faith school which will be more sympathetic to her needs and she will have more peace and spirituality in her but her parents do not see this and look at other materialistic things and put their needs first .
Please please make their minds change to the better way lord and as per your wish for my daughter and her family.
We do not own a car and with my husband advanced cancer and severe hernia pain and surgery date not available our future needs are scary for me to think even.
Please I plead and pray to you my dear St Jude that my daughter and family should be able to come and work in nearby hospital and live either near us or with us please .
Thank you for all the favours to us and I pray for all in this circle and beyond ,,amen