Dear blessed St Jude, please protect, bless and guide my nurse daughter who is pregnant with gestational diabetes and is told her pregnancy is ‘high risk’ by doctors and i am so worried because they are still very careless in their eating habits and forgetful ,no will power and not determined to control the diabetes.
Please let her husband who cooks the food be careful and give her the right food instead of taking her to restaurant or buying bread and easy food with cals and sugars.
Please lord give her the will, the courage and determination and good health to follow the dietician whom she has paid now .
Please let her and her family decide to shift to live and work in our side of the country , her step father has advanced cancer and i have glaucoma and knee problems and limited money but we have a house which could save them rent and they can be of help in our old age both being nurses – They are reluctant to come for some reasons i dont know of – i am also keen for the their elder child to study in a faith school for more disciplined life which they both are incapable of giving her and the girl is lagging behind in everything – My dear St Jude, please urgently come to our help please . we are in no position to hire outside nurses . please let my own daughter decide to shift and come over please and let my husband also agree to this big change please -we need their help and please let them come if that is your wish lord .
Please help my daughter and let the diabetes be under control .
Please let her husband also understand and agree to help us and be of benefit to each other .Thank you my dear St Jude for all the favours and help over the years given to my daughter –
I pray for all in this circle lord – amen