Blessed St Jude please please urgently come to the help of my younger daughter who is struggling in her work and is upset lord .
Please I plead with you my dear St Jude, today to come to her help urgently with your powerful miracles to save her from her miseries which she suffers on her own .
Please let her find a good man, her soul mate who will love her and be with her loyally.and give her the emotional, monitory support and a secure life which she so desperately needs .
Please Let Her ego not come in between falling in love..
My dear St Jude I plead with you today from the bottom of my heart to save my daughter from self destruction .
Please let her ego and her false pride not come between her and falling in love .
Please let her realise she needs help.
Please let her stop smoking at once and all other bad habits that I may not be aware of . please let her speak to me and not fight. Let her reunite with her family in the country they have migrated to if that is the right thing for her as per your wish lord. please I beg for the right thing to happen before too late. let her meet her soul mate to love marry and have family asap lord..
Please let her TAKE CARE OF HER HEALTH and not overwork for money lord.
she is all alone with no family with her in the native country and now living in a big city after forced to leave her home apartment from fights between her evil nieghbour and his wife and eventually with me.
I pray for all in this group .
Thank you for all the favours to her my dear St Jude .prayers to you keep us from hope and to remain positive.. thank you.