Dear blessed St Jude, please protect my nurse daughter’s second pregnancy which is termed ‘ high risk’ by doctor and midwife and she is not taking care of herself by a good diet — please let her husband make the right food and let her also take up an interest in eating the right food for gestational diabetes now that she is on insulin on her 4th month so early.
Please please let her get a job near my home after her safe delivery now and let her come and live in our home and help us also with our old age and cancer patient husband of mine and me having glaucoma and also old. please give us a plan show us a way to be together and save money and be of help to each other lord- let my husband be able to release some money from the bank to get a bath and toilet built for him suited to his cancer condition and old age. and let my nurse son in law and daughter be able to come and share our home and help us and save money for all in these tough times lord
please come to our help urgently lord and let all happen as per your decision and let no mistakes happen and let all be for good .
Please let her 5yr old child be able to get admission in the faith school i would like her to go instead of the current school where she faces lot of problems and is unhappy . I pray for all in this circle and beyond …
I thank you my dear St Jude for everything given to her and her family