Dear blessed St Jude, please protect my advanced cancer patient and me from coronavirus and all other health problems . Please let his extreme hernia pain go away somehow and let him get an urgent appointment for his surgery before his radiotherapy starts in the same area for cancer .
Please lord come to his rescue in this urgent situation and send your powerful miracles to get him a surgery date for his hernia removal from the surgeon when he meets the doctor in a fortnight.
please let his cancer cells not spread anymore and let his treatment be effective for him – please keep him calm and at peace and happy somehow lord- please let him and me take the correct decisions regarding selling/extending or renovating our home by releasing some equity- please lord let everything go only as per your wish and let there me no mistakes my dear St Jude,
please let my nurse daughter and nurse son in law be able to shift to our side of the country and get job near me and be able to put their daughter in a faith school .
please protect and cure my right eye pressure by bringing it down to normal pressure in both eyes and get my glaucoma under control and cure it .
Please let there be no need for a surgery lord
Thank you my dear St Jude for all the favours to me and my husband and family -Prayers to all in this circle – amen