Blessed St Jude, please protect my nurse daughter’s 2nd pregnancy which is termed ‘high risk’ by her midwife and doctor because of gestational diabetes . She is not given a diet plan or any other help from her doctor or midwife whereas in my area i see pregnant ladies given all help .Please protect her and her foetus of 4 months safe and under your protection. The doctor, diabetic nurse consultant all in her area are very negative and unhelpful unlike other areas of this country which is very distressing and dangerous for her.
And her 5yr old first child is also going through lot of stress and unhappiness at school . Please let them be able to shift from that horrible place and come to where i am living and get a job here as soon as possible . please let them realise and see what is happening to their child and the discrimination she is facing from her teacher and my daughter is also experiencing discrimination in school because of her lack of language among other things. unfortunately in this country they have migrated to a year back from her doctor, collegues and manager – bad behaviour is so rampant among all kind of people and its so scary and my daughter and son in law cannot even understand it – Please send your powerful miracles to help them to come to my side where people are more nice to each other and let the child be able to join a faith school near my side of the country and let my daughter find job in the best hospital .
Please bless them all and their home from all danger and evil and keep it safe and sound dear St Jude ok . Thank you for all your favours to my daughter and family amen