Blessed St Jude , please protect me and my husband when we go our seperate ways for health appointments .
Please let him be without his hernia pain.
Let him get to the Bus stop safe and get back without pain. He is an advanced cancer patient also.
please protect me when my chest x-ray is taken.
Let everything be alright.
Let the money minded dentist be kind, gentle and understanding to him and not fault finding.
please protect my husband and me from getting infected with the coronavirus.and all other health problems when we go out in public transport and hospitals etc.
please let my husband and me make the correct decisions regarding our house selling/ moving .and please please let my son in law and my daughter both nurses cooperate with us for the best outcome..above all let it be as per your decisions lord. Please come to our help lord urgently we are both unwell and old and need our children help.. please send your powerful miracles to change their stubborn minds to have the best outcome..
Thank you for all your favours given to me and my family . Prayers to all in this circle ..amen .