my dear St Jude please protect my first daughter’s 2nd pregnancy with her having gestational diabetes and is a high risk pregnancy marked by doctor and midwife.
Please urgently come to her rescue lord and send your powerful miracles to make her change her attitude towards diet and make her understand and accept her current situation and be at peace – please calm down her husband who is running around mad to make some extra money for the growing family. Please come to our help lord -Please let them come to our side and live near our home to be of help to each other
my husband a senior citizen is an advanced cancer patient and needs help and me too with my glaucoma issues and we have no car- please come to our help urgently in bringing us together in one place wherever is best suited for us all as per your decision which will benefit all of us -as a family and make us all come closer instead of fighting all the time.
please protect the 4 month old foetus and the mother my dear St Jude they have no one else – please cure her husband’s shoulder pain and let the old small car be safe for the family and protect them while in the car .
Please somehow resolve the problems of this family and bring us all together and let the tensions and fights go away lord. please show my husband the situation and let him agree to sell off the house and keep some money in reserve – if that is the right decision lord
please let my nurse daughter be able to relax and work and be safe at work and let the occupational health at the job give her the paid leave she deserves and let her collegues stop harassing her and her manager stop being nasty and stop racial bias .
Thank you my dear St Jude for all the favours to my daughter and her husband and child amen