Dear blessed St Jude, I thank you today for hearing from my younger daughter after a long time and to know she is alright living in another country all alone with no family members with her.
Please let her find her soul mate to love , marry and have family and a secure future lord like everyone -and that will liberate me finally – i am in so many ways responsible for her unhappy life -please forgive me lord – please let her find happiness and forgive me for destroying a love relationship she was involved in and also for choosing her a career for her which she detests .
please somehow forgive me for my mistakes and somehow let my poor daughter find her success and happiness in a good man and a good job.
Please send your powerful miracles to find us all a way to resolve our fights and be friends again and my family to be together again.
I leave all this problems in your hands lord to resolve because its so complicated and only you can make everything work again.
Thank you for all your favours to my second daughter my dear St Jude .amen
I pray for all in this circle .God bless all.