Dear blessed St Jude, please protect and guide my naive, trusting, idiotic younger daughter who has completely misunderstood all my good intentions for her and all my hard work towards her and her sisters betterment of life as a single mother -please let her forget her miserable past and join up with family me and her elder sister.
Please let her find an apartment best suited for her lord in the new big city she has moved into as per your wishes lord. please let her find her soul mate a good man, fall in love, marry and have a family life my dear lord please i beg to you for this to come true and only you my dear St Jude can make this happen – please intercede to our lord and saviour to save this child by bringing in your powerful miracles to change her mind and to start her lost prayers and belief in god and in the power of prayers and follow god’s path. please make her realise all this lord instead of wasting time in search of wrong things in her life.

thank you for all your favours to her lord – amen