Blessed St Jude please protect my younger daughter who is all alone with no family with her in the native country now in a big city and not communicating with me., please lord let her find her soulmate marry love have family please please I beg you..please let this huge burden off my shoulders lord..I love her but she needs a life , a future please lord put some sense into her.
please let her be able to come and study for a course which will help her here in this country where me and her sister who does not keep contacs with her lives lord.
She is a highly qualified person but cannot move ahead because of broken family, bad boyfriends breaking her heart, her evil friends taking advantage of her.
She is so innocent, naive and easily taken advantage of..
please let her stop making mistakes after mistakes in her wrong choices in men.
please send your powerful miracles to help her in finding her soul mate ..let her bring the required changes in herself..
please let her get back her prayers and belief in God above all.
Only your mighty power can bring these changes in her lord .please urgently come to our help. I thank you for all the favours to her my dear St Jude. Prayers for all in this circle to find happiness and solution to their issues through Jesus Christ our lord and saviour .amen