Dear St Jude, please let the high pressure in my right eye come down urgently lord or else the glaucoma specialist says surgery required which is terrifying for me .
Please let me be able to control my food because of all the problems from all sides i am eating sugar when i cannot with my sugar level is high – and also my blood heart palpitations to be monitered by me -let all be normal lord please – if i can control my diet which i cannot -i find comfort in sugar forms — please help me with my determination to stop sugar and carbs lord – my entire family depends on me please give me courage and let my trust in you save me from my own bad habits lord.
Please help me to cope with my poor husband’s cancer and let him not have any side effects from his severe invasive medications . please give me and him mental and physical strength to rise above our severe set backs in health and wealth.
please let him sell his home our only esset – if its the right time to sell and get the best offer – let all happen as per your wish lord –
Please let his hernia be alright – it is coming down and hurting him so bad and there is no appointment with a doctor for 6 months –private is expensive and he has no insurance. and his pension is low. but we survive on it and is thankful for everything.
except i wish i could help my second daughter who does not have anything other than a night job
please come to my help my dear St Jude and let my eye pressure come down to normal in my right eye and not be in any danger or in need of surgical intervention.
let the new eye drops bring down the pressure lord.
Thank you for everything given to me – amen