Dear St Jude, I thank you for all the favours given to me and my family.
Please urgently intercede to Jesus Christ our lord and saviour to protect and guide my younger daughter who is seperated from me for many years now living in different countries now and no contact – please let her anger towards me go away and let her start understanding me and why as a single parent with limited money i could do only this much.
Please let her be in good company and do well in her job and get a day time job which will give her better health.
please lord send your powerful miracles to save my daughter from all her bad habits if any and bad friends go away from her never to come back.
Please let your mighty power help her to find her soul mate and fall in love ,marry, and have a family- I plead with you for this to happen lord .
Please let her take care of her health and her wisdom tooth issues – please let her come to the country where i am living or let her find a good man and settle down lord please – this matter is killing me every second of my life . please release me from this huge burden which i am carrying please – my health is suffering and i have no peace of mind.
Please let her forgive for whatever i may have done to her as a single mom trying to fix things let my daughter forget all the miserable past and move ahead please –
please come to our help my dear St Jude – I am eternally grateful for all things given to us- My prayers to all in this circle for peace of mind and to get all your problems sorted by lord – thank you -depressed mom