Dear blessed St Jude please protect my younger daughter who is all alone with no family in a big city now driven away from her home by evil neighbours and now not talking to me due to misunderstanding in the fight with neighbours in the native country.
Please let your mighty power stop all her enemies from attacking her lord .
She is an extremely vulnerable woman with her mind stuck as a teenager when all her colleagues are married and with 2 children by now.
Please let her be able to find her soul mate otherwise she will destroy her life .
Please let her be able to forget her miserable past coming from a broken family with no money and her nasty boyfriend who dumped her after using her n got married to another girl leaving my daughter in shambles.
Please let her stop fighting with me and her sister and I plead with you to give her what you think is right for her I.e . if to come and join us in another country or to find her soul mate in native country and live there.
I have not seen her for almost 3 yrs now and it’s killing me .and driven her further away from me. I have health issues and scared to travel.
Please let her stop all her bad habits and evil friends go away never to come back to her. let her stop smoking at once lord.
Please Bless her and let her see reality of her situation and do something which will lead to a secure life .
Thank you my dear St Jude for all the favours to her.
I pray for all in this circle to find happiness and solution to their issues through Jesus Christ our saviour and Lord .