Dear blessed St Jude please Protect And guide My 2nd daughter who is physically and mentally seperated from me living in another country and after pandemic started I have not travelled to see her.and she is going far from me thanks to the evil neighbours threats and his wife fighting with her has driven her out of her home and she now lives in a big city.and I do not know where..I am a very worried and distressed mother lord please hear my plea for my daughter to end the fights with her only family I.e. sister and me her mom..
Please let her be able to find her soul mate and fall in love, marry and live happy make her own family with a good man.
Please send your powerful miracles to let this happen and let the poor girl who comes from a broken family with no money , dirty college boyfriend who broke her heart left her on her birthday got married to another girl leaving my daughter crushed. Please let her forget her miserable past and start fresh..please my dear St Jude give her a second chance . Please stop her smoking immediately lord.and let her take care of herself and her health. let her get a day time job lord .
Please free me from this biggest problem I.e my daughter by making her see the right path ..and let her get back her belief and trust in prayers and God.
Please guide her in the right path lord and
bless her and keep her lord.
I thank you for all the favours to her my dear St Jude ..eternally grateful to you lord. amen